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Hamlet, modern adaptation
Gogol Centre, Moscow, Russia

photo by Alex Yocu

This sounds so intriguing!

"Bobee offers up several relatively simple changes to the canonical text that encourage us to see the play anew.

Even as spectators still file into the hall, the characters of the play come and go, paying respects to the body of Hamlet’s father, who lies stiffly on a funeral bier. Later, silver panels on a wall are revealed to be sliding doors in a morgue where bodies can be deposited or retrieved. This serves in place of the graveyard in Shakespeare’s original. Expect to see pistols in place of rapiers — and they often are aimed in the direction of the audience.

Several characters are reinterpreted and recast. There is, for example, just one gravedigger, played brilliantly by Alexander Gorchilin, and he is onstage from beginning to end. Hamlet’s duplicitous old friend Rosencrantz (Alexandra Revenko) is played by a female, and she largely takes over the role of Guildenstern (Ivan Fominov) as well. Shakespeare’s large group of visiting actors is limited to two (Vladislav Sanotsky and Svetlana Asanova), but they, like the Gravedigger, remain onstage until the end.” (x)


“hey do you want the rest of my-“


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